Using Your New Laser Engraver for Fun & Profit

Now that you’ve purchased your new laser engraving machine, what do you plan to do with it? Of course you have a myriad of ideas, from creating plaques and awards to etching glassware for parties. But you may not have thought about some of the best ways to make money with your laser. Here are just a few ideas you may not have thought about:

New Laser Engraver for Fun & Profit

The three basic rules

Corporate buyers don’t usually base their choices on the price of objects but for things that will look good in front of whoever it is they need to impress. That may be their boss, or his boss, or a group of business owners. Whoever it is, you want your customer to look good, and that means following these three basic rules:

  1. Deliver a quality product with good workmanship
  2. Deliver that product on time and on budget
  3. Create the product right the first time

When you follow each of these rules properly, you are almost guaranteed success with every customer. Sometimes it may be a challenge when you’re faced with a rush order, an incomplete set of directions or something else that overly complicates an otherwise simple process.


One area you may not have thought about is safety. Corporations, especially manufacturers, practically eat, sleep and breathe safety. When an accident happens, they lose money. So, plaques, acrylics, key chains, safety signs and the like are viewed as preventative ways to save them money. Once your new laser engraving business is providing these items to your client, you are almost guaranteed a steady flow of income.

Best items to engrave

Wall plaques, monthly awards, labels, decals, legends, control panels, and other sorts of labels are used almost everywhere in a corporate business. An “Employee of the Month” award gives your client a special way to recognize his employees for their loyalty and efforts, and provides you with an extra monthly source of income.

Plastic signs, door and wall signs, desk easels, informational signs for lockers and equipment storage units can easily give you lots of repeat business every month.

Stainless steel plates are rustproof and difficult to engrave using the old rotary method, but not for lasers. With your new laser engraver, you can permanently mark stainless steel plates, tools and practically anything else made of this unusually hard metal easily to give remarkably good results.

Companies use rubber stamps for many different applications, from return address stamps to deposit stamps. Rubber stamps can be made in numerous different sizes with a laser using the right software, and it may even come standard with your laser machine.

You will find that there will be countless other types of projects that your clients will dream up for you to do, so just be prepared to do practically anything with your laser.


Becoming successful in laser engraving requires hard work, diligence, and a keen eye toward new and innovative applications that will put you ahead of your competition. Just remember your first three basic rules; to deliver a quality product with good workmanship; deliver it on time and on budget; and to create it right the first time you make it.