Testosterone Propionate or Cypionate – Which One Is Better?

Testosterones are used by many people to combat the low testosterone levels. It causes physical effect on the body and emotionally weak and unfit. There are many types of testosterone supplements which are available in the market such as Propionate and Cypionate to name a few. Both supplements are great to increase the levels of testosterone in the human body just like the natural process would do. Propionate is an androgen which is available in the UK in the form of injections. It has another name as well in other countries called as Virormone. Let us look at some of the benefits of Propionate vs cypionate ester.

Benefits of Testosterone Propionate

Testosterone Propionate or Cypionate

Testosterone Propionate is usually great for treatment of male hypogonadism which has many side effects such as infertility depression, low level of libido, impotence, loss of bone due to low testosterone. Testosterone is not just limited to a sex hormone but it has many adverse effects on the body system and functioning. Propionate vs Cypionate ester helps you to decide which one is a better option for your body. Testosterone Propionate is more popular than cypionate and this can be clearly seen in the prescriptions by the doctors who always recommend propionate. If the testosterone levels are low in the body, it can be very dangerous for people to lead a healthy life.

Hormones should be at a balanced level in all possible aspects. Low levels of any of the hormones can lead to severe effects. Cypionate or Propionate are not recommended to people who suffer from prostate or breast cancer, history of liver cancer Kidney diseases such as Nephrosis, high level of calcium in the blood or urine or any kind of allergy related to the ingredients in the injection. For women, it should not be used if they are expecting or breast feeding a baby or for that matter even for potential pregnancy in the future.

It is necessary for you to consult your medical practitioner before you take the injections of testosterone. Water retention in the body is a fatal thing to happen and this supplement can do so causing congestive heart failure for regular consumers. It may also react to the regular medicines which you take for your wellbeing. There are ways to take the propionate injections. Therefore, you should visit your medical practitioner who will do a complete analysis on you and examine your physical quotient along with a few blood tests to give you the right dosage for testosterone.

You may take 50 mg 2-3 times in a week if you have been diagnosed with hypogonadism specially in men. A simple case of delayed puberty in an adolescent may also need a weekly dose of 50 mg. If a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer and has reached menopause, then she may take 100 mg of the injection. So, you may see a variation of doses among men and women depending on their health condition. So, it is important for you to know what dose you need to consume and what proportion.