Somatotropin Hormone In The Body- Its Function- Levels

For treating the growth hormone deficiencies in children and adults, synthetic growth hormones are used. There synthetic growth hormones are developed in labs and are suggested for treating deficiencies. There are many brands and synthetic growth hormone drugs which are in market and they are used depending on the deficiency. Somatotropin Hormone- STH, is another growth hormone. This popular as peptide hormone and is produced naturally in the body. It helps in cells reproduction and regeneration. It also helps in stimulating the muscle tissues and bones.

Shred Body Fat

 Somatotropin Hormone and its function

Somatotropin is name for growth hormone. This has nearly 190 amino acids which are produced by somatotroph cells. This production takes place at anterior lobe which is in pituitary gland which is located in the brain. STH helps in bone and muscle tissue growth and impacts the metabolism of the body with the use of biosynthetic HGH. It also helps in other processes like metabolizing the lipids and blood sugars. In some cases, the growth hormone binds to particular cells and effects the physiological process. In results in breaking of triglycerides when it binds with the adipocytes. With this the fat accumulation is supressed.  The growth hormone also effects on other functions indirectly, by moderating the synthesis of insulin like growth factor. This IGF is produced in liver by growth hormone response. There are many other growth hormones in body like Adrenocorticotropic hormone, Thyroxine hormone, Vasopressin hormone and many other. Somatotropin molecule has many effects on macro-nutrients. This hormone can help in reducing the oxidation of proteins. Somatotropin Growth Hormone plays an important role in maintaining the glucose levels in the humans.

Influence of SGH and its levels.

The secretion of the hormone is influenced by many factors, like stress, quality of sleep, physical activity of the person, diet and hypothalamus condition. The human growth hormone is produced in pituitary gland and it controls the functions of the glands. Hypothalamus gland send signals to pituitary gland and then the hormone production levels are regulated. The secreation of growth hormone is stimulated by Growth hormone – releasing hormones. This SGH helps in releasing the growth hormone.

SGH levels vary and depend on many factors

SGH levels are high and too low in many conditions. If excess growth hormones are secreted, it results in gigantism in adults and children. This is caused by the tumors of somatotrophs. If the levels are excess it causes acromegaly and this is because of tumors in pituitary. This caused enlarged muscle growth and the bone tissues take long time to develop. There may be swelling in soft tissues and abnormality in the structure of the jaw. Sometimes, bones of hands and feet over grow. The SGH levels always differ from person and also depends on their age, gender and weight. The growth hormone levels are high in young age and as age increases the levels of growth hormone decreases. The average range is 1-9 nanograms per millilitre in males and in females it is 1-16 nanograms per millilitre. The growth hormone levels change day to day and depends on many factors. For treating SGH deficiency, blood samples are taken but during suppression as the hormone levels keep changing.  Though SGH is deficit, Growth hormone therapy is not recommended always.