Respecting Women For What They Are

A family is the basic unit of a society, and a woman is the basic unit of a family. Just like without a family there can be no society, likewise, a woman is that link in a family which if not present can never complete a family. She is the building block, the cornerstone of any family. She is the person playing several roles at one time and yet not cribbing about it.

Just stop and think of the numerous chores that a lady of the house needs to do; her job does not have any leaves, no breaks, and no relaxations; so much so that even on a holiday, she has to take care of her family before even thinking about herself. Cooking, cleaning, washing, were among the many chores of the household a woman needed to perform in the past; now the responsibilities have increased, earning money, taking the entire responsibility of her children’s education have been added to the list.

Respecting Women

Even after doing so much, the mentality of this male dominated world has hardly undergone any change. It still feels that women can be tortured as much as and whenever possible. No matter how much the society calls itself sophisticated, when it comes to showing respect to women all the sophistication flies out of the window. There are still hoards of women, particularly in Asia, whose lives are a living hell, where injustice is being done unto them day after day.

Seeing this helpless condition of the Asian women and heeding to God’s call of spreading God’s word and love to all people, Dr. KP Yohannan with his team of missionaries has been rendering their selfless services to the various afflicted women all over Asia. They also urge the women missionaries to come forward and encourage other women to become missionaries like them and spread the word of God and talk about the incredible love of Christ.

Reports have revealed the huge masses of women are being encouraged and enthused with the love of Christ that they experience in their lives through the Word of God. This group believes that all humans are equal before the eyes of God and therefore everyone commands equal respect too. Just like men, women too have been given a free will to choose what they want to do, what is good and what is bad. No one should do anything that will hurt the dignity of the other person.

Dr. KP Yohannan’s founded missionary group GFA or Gospel for Asia have some excellent women missionaries who are doing a tremendous job in taking the love of Christ to the afflicted women in Asia and giving them a reason to want to live again and that too with happiness in their hearts.

The depressed and hurt women wait eagerly to hear of Christ’s love and how they are precious to the Saviour. This gives them the feeling of being wanted and loved and not rejected and hurt. The women missionaries have had to face to imprisonment, beatings, insults and other forms of persecution for carrying forward this noble work of spreading the love of Christ to the wearied and burdened; but it has not dampened their spirits in any way. So, they carry on with their work with unlimited zeal and enthusiasm, urging everyone to respect women for what they are.