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Real Milk- Its Potential Health Benefits!

For years people around the world have been enjoying a variety of dairy products especially milk and continue to patronize these foodstuffs on believe that they contain the precise nutrients these individuals need for healthy living. Unfortunately, agricultural experts around the world are debating the health benefits of drinking pasteurized milk. Due to this debate, common people are also starting to question the advantages of consuming such milk considering the fact that process of pasteurization eradicates some of the essential nutrients of milk that are necessary for digestion and  healthy living.

Real Milk

Geoffrey Morell, the co-property holder of P.A. Bowen Farmstead and prominent agriculturist who advocates the benefits of consuming clean and safe dairy products like raw milk says that numerous reports in agricultural sector shows the presence of bugs in milk after pasteurization. He goes on to explain that the consumers simply have to visit many of the unhygienic and filthy processing centers that use contaminated machines to pasteurize milk to understand why it is unhealthy to drink. In fact, this expert farmer has made important strides in revolutionizing his own 95-acre farm by rearing cattle via rotational grazing and prohibiting the use of hormones along with chemicals that induce growth in such animals. He raises and feeds these domesticated animals organically but uses antibiotics when it is necessary.

Pasteurization and its harmful effects

He emphasizes that pasteurization refers to a procedure of heating milk up to above boiling point in order to eliminate any harmful bacteria that may exist in this dairy product. He points out that pasteurization is necessary because there is a danger of diseases spreading through milk. However, bearing in mind the unhealthy living conditions most cows live in factory farms it is not difficult for most milk consumers to understand why pasteurization of this dairy product is necessary.

Raw Milk – A healthy alternative

However, he further clarifies that farmers should opt to pasture-fed their cow in healthy conditions, as the milk they produce is normally free from all forms of bad bacteria. Moreover, the abundance of healthy bacteria in such milk further counteracts any harmful bacteria that may remain in this nutritious dairy product.  These good bacteria acts as a catalyst in helping consumers assimilate the vital nutrients from the food they eat.

The milk that pasture-fed cows produce does not require pasteurization because it has virtually zero health risks. The process of pasteurizing milk eradicates both good and bad bacteria that strip this valuable dairy product of its essential nutrients that improves people’s digestions.  On the other hand, milk that has undergone the process of pasteurization is difficult for most individuals to digest.

 Geoffrey Morell says that raw milk from pasture-fed cow is so healthy and nutritious that there is no need for pasteurization. Therefore, people who want to consume the best nutrients from their milk should opt for raw milk rather than pasteurized or homogenous milk. These consumers can even visit the farm whose cows produce such milk. Some of these farms even conduct tours for the clients to exhibit the clean and hygienic environment from where this healthy raw milk comes from.