Ram Chary Every Throws Light on the Elements of a Great Graphic Designer

There isn’t any secret of being a good graphic designer. Skills required for it need to be in-built & honed through practice and passion. With a number of people vying for a place in marketing industry, it may in fact be a daunting task to establish one’s voice. However, there’s good news. The industry professionals like Ram Chary Everi note that there are some characteristics of a great graphic designer.

Some of the most important ones are mentioned below:

  • Always wants to learn

Graphic designing is an adaptive art i.e. artists always look at the trends & seek ways for improving the industry. Mediocre artists are the ones who try to short-cut their skills by making use of what’s popular. They provide the impression of adaptability but do not try improving their skills. A great graphic designer is the person who always wants to learn and adapt to the new practices trying out different things. They are basically humble and receptive.

  • Is able to take criticism

Art is something that’s personal. It’s thus common for artists to become attached to their work heavily. However, this is applicable for any creative person. On the other hand, as with the first point, over attachment to the work prevents growth. Good graphic designers are the ones who are able to take criticism. They are very much aware of the fact that the comments aren’t meant for hurting but for encouraging their growth.

  • Risk Taker

Excellent graphic designers always try stepping out of their comfort zone. This is tough but the consequences are worthy. Successful designers usually attribute their repute on their ability to explore new tricks of design. Especially, they look out for styles, which do not match with their own ones. It’s not a question of incorporating the tricks into the skill set of one, but establishing that there are many techniques as well.

One of the most essential attributes of a good graphic designer is flexibility. A great designer is one who can recognize the fluctuating field of graphic art in a constant manner & adapt to it in an appropriate way.

Ram Chary Everi himself is into freelance photography and graphic designing. He has all these above mentioned skills that take to be a good graphic designer. He is based in Boston, Massachusetts and got his degree in fine arts in graphic design in 2014 from the Boston University. As a graphic designer, Ram’s services extend to marketing ads, business cards, graphic art, magazine design and logo design. On weekends, you can find him on a boat fishing for tuna.

His world revolves around Boston and so he has great interest in making it an environment-friendly place and helping others live sustainably. He actually supports Oceana, an organization that advocates sustainable living in Boston. He doesn’t think himself to be a true-blue eco-warrior but what he does is manages the resources for preventing waste & pollution. When he is free and not doing anything, he loves travelling.