Oral Anabolic Medicine For Weight Loss

Anavar is the most popular oral form of anabolic additives that is largely used for muscle growth, cutting, and athletic enhancement. An interesting part of this medicine is that it can be treated in both men and women. Due to its well-tolerated nature, it is often underestimated by the bodybuilders. This is mainly of the unrealistic expectations that do not match with the mild nature of the product. Most of the people assume that all anabolic medicine give a set of specific results at a certain rate of power, but reality shows different products causes different result with different purposes. As an androgen receptor agonist, it increases protein synthesis. When it is compared to testosterone or any other anabolic medications, this particular medicine is less androgenic. This ensures usage in medical fields on children and women because less androgenic effects mean less risk of virilization. It becomes active in the body quickly after the ingestion.

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Positive ending of mild treatment

The effect of this product is mainly therapeutic capacity. The consumption of this safe medicine proves to be valuable to muscle growth. Anavar is a form of Oxandrolone hormone that does not aromatize. The weight gained during the treatment is mainly lean muscle mass. During the use of the medicine, water retention is impossible. Therefore, if you are looking for that massive growth in this product then you are going down the wrong path. In most of the cases heavy mass of muscle turns to loosened fat after the age of seventy, but in this case, users report that the muscle that is gained are much easier to hold on till the last days of your life. This medicine does not actually fit with the off-season bulking process for men, but it is an exception when it comes to female use. Women are much more sensitive than men when it is a question of Anavar. Sites like gives you the appropriate and legal product in the market.

Keep a watch on the dose

Many people mislead themselves by playing with the dosage of this product as it is mild. Well, you must keep this in mind that going beyond the rules can cause adverse effects to your body. It is not so effective androgenic medicine but still androgenic activities do happen. Such activity can lead you to acne, hair loss, excessive body hair growth and male pattern baldness. For women, it is a serious matter virilization symptoms do occur. They include deepening of vocal chords and clitoral enlargement. To keep these adverse effects at bay you need to follow five to ten milligrams of dose per day. To maximize the effect you can further increase that dosage level to the last amount of twenty milligrams per day. Follow the routine for two to four weeks with a short gap after it. The male dosage includes twenty to thirty milligrams per day which provides enhancement of the athleticism. The maximum level is up to forty to fifty milligrams per day. A safe cycle for males is six to eight weeks. So do not hesitate and click on sites like to get the desired look for your body.