New England Revolution: The Boston Football Team With High Potentialities

Football in USA is not very old and the popularity of this game is behind the traditional American games. But after USA organized the World Cup in the year 1994, people gradually took interest in soccer. Now, this sport enjoys increasing popularity in the whole country as the Major League Soccer tournament is the most important and prestigious tournament of the country. One of the most celebrated teams that take part in this competition is New England Revolution, a team from Greater Boston area. It has competed in this tournament in every season since the inception in the year 1993. Owned by Robert Kraft, the ‘revolution’ in the name signifies the whole New England’s involvement in the American Revolution.

Commonly, they are referred to as Revs and they play all their home matches in the Gillette Stadium. But in the decade of 1990s the team could not perform according to the expectations much to the disappointment of its fans and admirers. They won the first trophy in the year 2007 when they won the US Open Cup. This team has potentialities to excel and dominate the national soccer if they can play according to their qualities and abilities.

Boston Football Team

David Barcomb, the noted financial advisor residing in Boston also have deep interest in association football. The high intense games of European football delight him. He also actively supports the New England Revolution which is now regarded as a team with vast possibilities. It has also three prominent supporter group as the admirers of this club increased with the better performance. Midnight Riders, Rev Army and the Rebellion are the most popular supporter’s group. They cheer for the team in every match and they are regarded as a major boost for the team morale in every important match. The Revs share a rivalry with the New York Red Bulls like any other sport where the teams from Boston and New York are considered to be rivals.

New England Revolution though have all the potentialities could not perform according to the expectations by their supporters. The only major success is North American Super Liga in the year 2008, the international tournament. In the domestic arena, it has performed well but in the major tournaments it ended up being the runners up most of the times. Supporters like David Barcomb expects that the team will succeed in all the major tournaments eventually. It could create its own name just as all the other teams belonging from city of Boston have done. The rich traditions of sports in this city will be a major morale booster for them. In the recent years, the whole team went through some restructuring which was done in order to improve their performance. All the supporters wishes for it.

In the last two decades, the popularity of American football increased as many Europeans are also crossing the Atlantic ocean to play in the American Soccer league. At this time when the whole American soccer is witnessing growth and receiving acknowledgments at the global level, it is the right time for New England Revolution to pull up the socks.