Most Expecting Movie Of The Year

Dangal is the upcoming Hindi movie is waiting to release its mass. Amir Khan is playing the protagonist role so that it is very much interesting to have it. This is the movie based on the real life story. Mahavir phogat is the old wrestling player who missed his gold medal in the international event. And he faced so many troubles and worries in his life and finally he started to train his two daughters. This Dangal story is telling the real life history of Mahavir phogat and his two daughters. This is the mass expecting movie of this year.

Most Expecting Movie Of The Year

Amir Khan is playing two different types of roles. One is the powerful wrestler and another one is the old father who thrives to get their daughter in to the international sport event. He hardly is working and giving coaching to his daughter and making their children to fit in to the place which he had missed. When they are telling about their daughter who was not interested in the wrestling field at beginning later on they realizes and get the strong empower to win the title and gold medal for making his dream of father true.

Best for overseas fans                

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