How To Prevent A Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury, which is also known as intracranial injury occurs when there is an external pressure or force that injures the brain. Traumatic brain injury can be categorized based on severity, method in which the head injury occurred and other features that arise in a specific location of the brain. Head injury also involves damage to the skull and scalp. Traumatic brain injury can lead to physical, social, emotional, cognitive and behavioural symptoms that can vary from case to case. Such symptoms can also lead to permanent disability, complete recovery and at times death. If you do not want to increase your possibilities of suffering from a traumatic brain injury, here are some steps you can follow.

Wear your seat belt as it can reduce death rates from crashes and even serious injuries by at least 50%.

Make sure to wear a seat belt every time you drive or ride in a motor vehicle.

To maintain children safety, it is vital to seat the child in the back seat of the car and is buckled with a child safety belt or seat belt is adjusted according to his height, weight and age.

You should never drive if you are drunk or have taken drugs because they include some medications which can affect a person’s ability to drive.

Do not text or use a mobile phone during the drive. Mobile phones are the number one source of distracted driving. Using a mobile phone and driving is same as driving a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol. As per recent data, drivers who use their cell phones by talking and texting are four times more likely to die in a car crash than others.

It is important to wear a helmet for adults and children both in situations like riding a motorcycle, skateboard, bike; skiing, snowboarding, using inline skates; playing softball or baseball; playing contact sports like football, ice hockey, boxing.

Traumatic brain injury among elderly people is common due to their falls at home. Falls at home can be easily avoided if necessary precaution is taken. For example, getting regular eye-checkups done, using no-slippery mats in bathtub or shower room, improving lighting throughout the home, removing tripping hazards, installing handrails in bathrooms and on both sides of a stairway and encouraging older adults to do their regular activities on a daily basis.

Head injuries in children can be prevented by using a no-slippery mat in the bathtub or shower floor, keeping the stairs clean, using safety gates at the top and bottom of stairs, installing window guards to prevent falls out of open windows and making use of the playgrounds with materials that absorb shock on the ground. If you or someone you know has suffered a traumatic brain injury, know that you have all the legal rights to recover damages. Adam S. Kutner & Associates Reviews will provide you an insight of the feedback of clients who have got success in their traumatic brain injury cases.