How Should Fertilizers Be Applied?

Many farmers are of the opinion that fertilizers should be applied in large quantities however this is wrong. Only a small amount is needed for enhancing the health of the soil and improving the flow of nutrients to the plants. Farmers should know their fertilizers well and how much is needed to improve the flow of nutrients to the soil.

How should fertilizers be used?

Geoffrey Morell is a professional when it comes to the field of sustainable farming in the USA. He says that when it comes to the application of fertilizers to the soil, they should be added in the required amounts. More amounts do not mean that the flow of nutrients to the soil will be better. He says farmers will know the required amounts of the fertilizer to be added when they make a complete analysis of the soil before the crops are planted. He says that farmers should first find out the present levels of nutrients in the soil and the requirements needed to grow plants. Fertilizers should be added to the soil accordingly.

Fertilizers Be Applied

How can you analyze the soil?

With the aid of a soil test, you can analyze the texture of the soil and its organic content along with the pH balance. You will also come to know the content of the different materials that are present in the soil like magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus. There are some soil tests that are conducted in the laboratory that will determine the levels of nutrients in the soil.

When it the right time for you to add fertilizers to the soil?

Fertilizers have to applied to the soil at the right time. They should not be added to the soil when the climate is cold or during the autumn season he says. If you make a mistake and add the fertilizer during the winter season the growth of the plant will not be good. The weather is very harsh during this season and so plants will not be able to survive for a long time. He says that it is prudent for you to apply fertilizers during the spring.

How much fertilizers should you apply?

He states that if a farmer is not sure about the amount of fertilizer to be applied to the soil, he should apply less amounts of fertilizer- in this way, he will be on the safe side. Farmers should opt for organic fertilizers over chemical ones. They are more environment friendly and safe.

He further states that the awareness of the hazards of chemical fertilizers are growing and farmers are being encouraged to stop using them. Organic fertilizers are natural and they provide the essential nutrients to the soil without harming the environment at all. Farmers should recognize this trend and start shifting their focus from chemical fertilizers to organic fertilizers says Geoffrey Morell. They are cheaper and provide the soil with better fertility. Moreover, they are safe and environmentally friendly for humankind. This is why they should be embraced by all farmers!