HGH – The Dosage and the Pointers

While buying growth hormone supplements it is always advised to check the brand and buy from authorized dealers. One must go through the entire compositions of the supplements. Make sure the dose is not high and adequate as per the need.

  • Human growth hormone is released in to nerves immediately once after you sleep.
  • Along with growing age memories are hard to remember, so starting with HGH is helpful.
  • It is advised to stay fit and exercise regularly which are the key factors while on human growth hormone pills or injections.
  • There are no side effects noted so far from HGH injections.

It is also not advisable for children or people who are suffering from high blood pressure, breast cancer, damage in kidney and liver, prostate cancer etc.HGH is also not recommended for people who are facing critical illness and had undergone major surgeries. It is found better always for the usage of HGH only by the recommendation of a medical practitioner. If taken higher doses at a time causes bloating, swelling and joint pains.

lower HGH dosages

Another incidence of increase in levels of growth hormone in females is when a woman undergoes weight training programs for long durations.  In such cases when extensive physical workout is carried out by women it helps in production of large quantities of growth hormone naturally without having to consume synthetic drugs or illegal injections of the hormone.

The HGH fragment has been reported to interfere with activity of lipoprotein lipase in fat tissues and also in the ability to stimulate destruction of fat cells which can lower the mass of fat structures in cells. It was also observed that continuous application of human growth hormone had the potential to distribute fat levels in the body as well as reduce fat in the body. It was expected that such kind of treatments utilizing HGH should influence weight loss and obesity. However, long term treatment resulted in health risks like cancer, edema, acromegaly, hypertension, diabetes etc.

How is HGH taken?

When HGH is taken orally, it gives a faster result than when it is used as an injectable. However, the half life of oral steroids is shorter, and hence injectables have a greater advantage in this context. In either case, it is the requirement from the drug that determines its use and application. The same form of steroid can usually be used in either way. There are also lower HGH dosages; however, it is always advisable to check with your medical health practitioner to find the right dosage required for your body.

The actions of different types of steroids

Various formulations act in various ways. While some drugs cause steady and slow gains, others give rapid muscle and tissue gains. The disadvantage of the latter is that although it is quick to obtain results, the gain is difficult to retain. Also quick gains are usually associated with excessive water gain, and this can give the muscles a poufy and unnatural look, when compared to those obtained through consistent and slow growth.