Grow with Legal Anavar in Australia

Quite a lot of bodybuilders and athletes are using steroids for muscle growth, cutting fat and strength purposes. Anavar is a favorite steroid used by them for reducing fat while maintaining lean muscle definition. Since this is one of those steroids with fewer side effects, it is used by both men and women and attained popularity. Before start using any steroid, one should understand that they are not allowed to be used for competitive sports and in most countries and Sports Associations banned. In fact, they come under the Controlled Substances Act of many countries and hence can be purchased only with a prescription, that too for medical use only. For other purposes, one has to rely on a local pharmacy or steroid supplier or online store.

Legal Anavar in Australia

What is Anavar?

Oxandrolone is the chemical compound that makes up Anavar. It is an Anabolic Androgenic Steroid (AAS) and is an orally active drug. It is a 17-alpha methylated derivative of Dihydrotestosterone which is again a kind of the male hormone, Testosterone. It is available in tablet and injections. Primarily it was used for people who are short in nature, Turner syndrome, muscle wasting diseases like Cancer,HIV/AIDS, alcoholic hepatitis, people who are recovering from general trauma and surgeries. It helps them grow muscles and offers better metabolism. Other than medical field, it has been used by sports people for its muscle growing property. Eventhough in Australia and other countries, it is not available without a prescription, one can click this link to buy online in a legal way. Possession of steroids is not illegal in many countries but using them for sports is not allowed.

Effects on Body

Because of the presence of the carbon atoms instead of oxygen, they can easily pass through the liver without much damage and is able to deposit the maximum drug into the blood. Once in the blood, they don’t bind to Androgen Receptors and almost all of the drug is available for anabolic activities. The result is that protein synthesis, muscle growth, bone density and lean body mass increases dramatically within a short period of time. During the bulking phases, muscle growth is the result and in the cutting phase, it can reduce fat and leave the muscle in a chiseled state due to the workouts. Either way, it’s a win-win situation for the athlete.

Legality and Safety

Anavar is available only through a prescription in pharmacies in Australia. The other options include getting them from local steroid distributors, gyms and other means. Most of the time, theprobability of getting fakes is a concern. They may exert more side effects than the genuine ones. Click this link to buy Anavar from European and US manufacturers who sell only original products. Products from China and India may end up in a Customs hold and every possibility of a legal trouble while those from Western countries may pass through easily. Users should also beware of headache, irritation, and aggression. Women may experience hair loss, acne, harsh voice, irregular menstrual cycle and enlarged clitoris. Men may grow large breasts and testicular atrophy is a distinct possibility. Hence the drug should be used in low doses.