Functioning Of A Walk In Cooler

Mostly walk in coolers are used in restaurants and hotels but some people like to install them in their big houses. It is a big and expensive investment so it is advisable to research before ordering for one. Consult a refrigeration company for the advice about the size and type of walk in refrigerator. Tell them about your requirements and needs, the space available with you also matters. Tell them whether it is for commercial use or for personal.

They are in various sizes but can be custom made according to your requirements to meet exact needs. There are mainly two types of walk in coolers or refrigerators. One of them is prefabricated and the other is built in. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. You also have to decide whether you need a refrigerator of frozen storage space. This is the basic thing to decide because all coolers do not maintain the same holding temperature. A refrigeration system for a cooler is different than a walk in freezer. A freezer needs a larger and powerful system than a cooler.

The size will be determined according to the space of your place and the amount of food to be stored in it. The refrigeration system emits heat and needs extra space for ventilation which is very important for the cooler itself.

Functioning Of A Walk In Cooler

Everyone wants a refrigeration system that uses as little energy as possible. It should be cost effective also. While installing, keep an eye on leaks as they will affect the cooling system. New models with LED lights are also a way to save energy. Keep in mind the weather you live in. In a hot and humid weather, special measures are needed to protect the refrigerated system from heat and humidity. It is better to use two condensers. They will work together to minimize the heat effect of coolers.

Do not compromise on the quality of refrigeration cooling system because it is necessary for your business and not a luxury. It is very important to run your system smoothly without any disturbance and fault. Use walk in coolers with simple monitoring instructions and easy and simple door operations so it will be easy to operate them by the staff also. Get a warranty card for a long period of time for the refrigerating system you use because a fault in system will spoil food and cause problems and interruptions in the business.

Maintenance and cleanliness are always important for an efficiently cooling system. Sanitize the refrigerant system by following the manufacturer’s instructions. Clean the door and the gas kit to maintain the energy of the unit and try to keep your cooling system in good condition for a long lasting use.