Famous Women Wear for Wedding and Traditional Functions

Weddings and traditional functions are extremely important in different parts of the world, irrespective of the culture and heritage of the country in question. Particularly in India, a country where marriages are considered a sacred institution, weddings are much glorified, and high importance is attached to these. Therefore, women dress up in their finest and reserve their best looks for weddings and traditional functions. Much depends on a woman’s ability to look absolutely stunning at these functions. In this article, we explore the famous women wear that are being displayed in weddings and traditional functions in 2016.

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Signature Sarees:

Sarees have been utilized in weddings since age-old times and continue to be one of the most staple wedding and traditional function wear. However, in 2016, we see that many fashionable women are deserting heavy and tiring sarees for supple ones with a touch of their own ideas. The fashion industry seems to have induced a sense of creativity and customization in its followers. While not as famous as the rich Anarkali, these signature sarees involve many personal touches from women that establish their individual sense of fashion. Signature Sarees are quite trendy in appearance and style.


Lehengas are relatively new to the fashion industry but are still worn by many fashion designers. In 2016, we see an increasing demand for Lehengas with beautiful embroidery towards the borders and simple yet exquisitely beautiful embroidery in the core portions of the Lehenga. These are matched with stunning cholis that have heavy embroidery on them, and some of these fashionable cholis are almost impossible to take your eyes off. One of the downsides of Lehenga-cholis is that they are not as comfortable as Anarkali suits. One has to be careful while wearing these.

Anarkali Suits:

Now to the most famous fashionable wear of 2016 for weddings and traditional functions. There are a plethora of reasons why numerous fashionable women are choosing Anarkali suits over other forms of dressing to wear to weddings and traditional functions. One of the main reasons is the comfort and ease of movement that this suit allows the wearer. Also, these suits can be used for regular activities and thus do not have to be stowed away in the wardrobe for months at a time. Anarkali suits also make one look royal and regal, reminiscent of the stunning queens of princely age.

Wedding Gowns:

One of the most astonishing developments in the fashion industry of 2016 is the introduction of colorful wedding gowns. Traditionally, wedding gowns have always been worn in white and other monochrome shades. However, a growing creativity and open-mindedness among fashion designers have led to the popularity of colorful wedding dresses. Worn in deep shades of red and eye-capturing blue, these wedding gowns give one the appearance of a celestial being. Many weddings and traditional functions witness young women arriving in beautiful wedding gowns these days. While an Anarkali suit would give off a more traditional vibe, such a gown ought to be given a try.