Decode the biggest mystery, “Does she really like me…?”

The biggest mystery faced by many young boys out there is, “Does she really like me..?” If you are hunted by the same question, then this is for you.

Watch out for her friends:

If your girl likes you, she would definitely discuss the same with her friends. In many a cases, when her friends get to know about you, they tend to smile at you more often. When you are the subject of conversation for your girl with her friends, she stops talking when her friends are around you. This can happen to girls at any age. However, a matured girl ensures that she doesn’t leave out such traces.

Decode the biggest mystery

Watch her body language:

Her body language while she talks to you is your guide to know about her feelings. If she’s hiding something from you, her body language reveals it to you. If a girl feels confident while talking to you, she positions her torso towards you. The girl playing with her hair and touching her lips in your presence are the favorable signs for you.

Look into her eyes:

The way she looks at you is the best love calculator you can ever have. If she is gazing at you for a long time, there are good chances that she likes you a lot. If she pulls off her eye contact immediately, it means that she likes you but she is too nervous to reveal her feelings. If she stares at you continuously throughout your conversation, she is confident and can possibly make the first move.

Signs of flirting:

Unlike other signs mentioned in this discussion, this is the trickiest. If she flirts with you, there are chances that she may like you. However, never come into conclusions so quickly. A few girls have this tendency of flirting with friends. Watch out the way she talks with other boys as well. In some cases, girls are unaware that they are flirting especially while talking to their loved ones.

Strikes the conversation:

It’s very rare to spot a girl initiating the discussion with a boy. In general, it’s a boy who tries hard to initiate a healthy conversation. Girls being girls tend to refuse it. On the contrary, when a girl fancies a boy, she may not wait for the boy to speak the first words. She takes the lead and charges in.

Little things… Matter a lot:

Pay close attention to the little things done by her for you. Sneak into your memories to know if she is there for you every time you needed some assistance. These things could be as little as offering you some water or lending you a pen. However, there resides lot of ambiguity in this case. To clear it off, take a step ahead and ask her to help you with some difficult tasks. If she isn’t interested in you, she might turn down your request by lame excuses.

Did you try these things on your girl…? Are the results satisfactory..? Don’t rush yet…! Never jump into conclusions without any solid evidence. The above tips can only bring out the hints but doesn’t confirm anything about the love of your crush on you.