Combat Adversity In Life With Football!

There are people who are not aware of the simple fact that games and sports can actually help us combat challenges and the adversities of life better. One such example is football and this is why the sport is so popular across the world. There are fans of all ages that stay hooked to the game till the last minute. Football fans like Jonathan Bunge who hails from Cleveland Ohio goes the extra mile and not only spreads his love on the sport but also provides an insight on how this amazing game can actually instill positive life skills.

If you closely examine life today, you will find that it is complete with challenges and adversities that you actually cannot avoid. It is important for you to be strong and face these challenges in life with grit and determination. You should have the confidence to put in your best and trust yourself. There are failures but each of them should be looked upon as a stepping stone to success. In this way can you prosper and progress in life.


Now, if you compare football and life you will find many similarities. Both are unpredictable yet give you a winning edge. You become stronger and wiser with each game. You set realistic goals and strive hard to achieve them. The sport of football actually makes you responsible and helps you to grow as a human being.

Jonathan says that he was fortunate that his parents allowed him to play football when he was a young boy. This is why he always encourages parents to allow their kids to play the sport whenever they get the chance. When he sees young children playing football, he feels very happy. It is obvious since he loves the game so much.

Kids, he says, love football as it helps them play together in a team. The sport teaches them the spirit of winning and losing together. Football is considered to be a game that instills positive life skills like discipline, courage, confidence and trust. All the players are dependent on one another and this is the reason why football is considered to be one of the best sports loved by everyone across the world.

Jonathan Bunge lives in Cleveland Ohio and is in the transport industry. He is a busy professional who travels most of the time. However, when he is at home he loves to pursue his interests of writing and tattoos. He also shares his experiences on the road. Jonathan Bunge is an individual who actually likes to share his views and perspectives on the game of football. This is the reason why he is popular in the region today.

He encourages youth football to a great extent too. He has also encourages parents in the region to allow their kids to play football. When he was young his mother was afraid that he would get hurt playing the game however he says that falling down and bouncing back are an integral part of life. This helps you to become strong, mature and responsible.