Books- the Everlasting Best Friend that Man can Ever Possess

In this technological age, books are not given much value as very few people take out time to read books. Due to lack of time, people are gradually losing their interests in reading books. Books help us in active participation of mind, which a movie or a television show does not. It has the ability to take you on a mysterious journey by creating unique ideas and images in the head which you might not have experienced in reality or by watching shows on television. Due to this technological advancement, people are missing out on a lot of wonderful benefits which reading books may provide.

Books- the Everlasting Best Friend that Man can Ever Possess

  • Books Helps in Feeding Your Mind– We gain knowledge by reading books. We always learn new thing and get new information whenever we read something. Reading books also enriches one’s vocabulary and stock of words.
  • It Helps in Shaping Tour Brain– Our mind always stays in active and good condition when we keep reading. Solving puzzles and crosswords increases your mind skill.
  • Your Critical Thinking Skills are developed by Reading Books– Our minds become sharper when we read detective books and mystery novels. In times of similar situation in life, one can get an idea regarding how to solve the problem or face the situation.
  • Books Makes You More Knowledgeable and Articulate– To become a good conversationalist, one should practice reading books. By reading books, a student can easily learn word formation and word structure without the help of a teacher.

For different kinds of people, there are many different types of books. While some may love to read a fantasy fiction, others might be more drawn to a detective and murder mystery. The limitless and endless genres of books provide readers with a huge variety of options for their next venture. Radha C Singh is a book lover and encourages every person to read more and more books as it is known that reading stimulates the muscles of eyes and also increases mental development thereby improving observation and concentration ability. Not only this, reading is an activity that improves the communication and conversational skills of the readers and it involves higher concentration also. The habit of reading books is a healthy addiction as it enables you to learn new found phrases and words that can be used in everyday conversations and one can gather their own knowledge and information banks right in their minds. Also, reading offers the readers a deep insight of different cultures of different places and countries and makes you aware and sensitive towards the affairs of the world.

Being a book lover, Radha C Singh firmly believes that even if computers will be gone and replaced by something more advanced and modern, the habit of reading books will stay because reading is considered to be as normal as breathing, sleeping, eating and other daily activities for the human race. Readers will always stay and remain constant even if we run out of good writers who can write good books.