Benefits Of Irvingia Extracts

Fruits and green plants as such are very nutritious to human body. If these are included in the daily diet, it can do wonders to health and resistance. At the same time, the local fruits and vegetables can be a great contributor to your health, there are other fruits and plants which may not be locally grown but they can prove to be very beneficial. While you may not be able to get them in their natural form, you can always buy supplements made from their extracts. One such supplement is the one made from Irvingia extracts.

Irvingia Extracts

Know more about Irvingia extracts

Irvingia extracts, IGOB1031, are derived from Irvingia gabonensis, a mango tree grown in Africa. It is best known as African mango. It is full of healthy fats and proteins, and hence very good for health. There has been many clinical studies regarding the effectiveness of Irvingia and it is found that the extracts have positive effects on human body, especially when it comes to weight loss and weight maintenance. It can also bring down bad cholesterol levels but at the same time, increase the level of good cholesterol.  Supplements made from extracts of Irvingia plants can have the same effect as the natural extracts and these can be easily bought either online or over the counter.

Benefits of Irvingia extracts

There are numerous benefits of Irvingia extracts and supplements and they can bring many positive effects to your health.  First is its ability to help you lose weight. It can help control hunger craving which is one of the primary reasons for causing weight gain. Many people take anti-weight pills which may come with their own side effects but Irvingia extracts will be doubly beneficial and at the same time, safer. It also regulates leptin hormone, which is responsible for regulation of appetite in the body. It is the one which tells hypothalamus when one is full and when one is not. For this, the levels of leptin in the body have to be high. The reason some people can be constantly seen binging can be attributed to their leptin sensitivity. Such people tend to over eat all the time and thus facing weight issues. In such cases, Irvingia extracts can be of huge help, as they can make the brain more receptive to leptin level.

Also, the extracts can also slow down adipogensis that forms new adipocytes. The extract also increases the level of adiponectin which helps in lipid metabolism and glucose regulation. Studies have found a relation with body weight and adiponectin levels.

Irvingia extract supplements

As the supplements are made from the extracts of the tree, they do not pose any side effects. Some may experience some effects but they are mild and also temporary. Headaches, fluid retention, nausea are commonly seen but not for long. At the same time, diabetics, pregnant and nursing women and those who have been advised surgery are advised not to take the supplement. Also, it is best to consult your doctor before you begin using the supplement. Though Irvingia extracts can promote weight loss, along with these supplements, a healthy diet and regular exercises are essential.