Axe Throwing Kicks Off Any Bachelor Party With A Shot Of Awesome

Your friend is ready to begin life as a married man and it’s up to you to organize one last raging night before he settles down. Of course, it will hardly be the last time you ever see the groom-to-be, and he’s been a claimed man for some time already, but there’s something special about that last night of bachelordom that raises expectations. Don’t give in to the pressure and cop out with the night club and striptease routine—drinks will be had and dancers may be hired, but you’ll want to kick things off with an original event.

When you think of axe throwing, you might think it’s the kind of thing that’s restricted to summer camps and cottage country, but the sport has recently found a new audience among city dwellers. You no longer need to drive up to the woods to rendezvous with blackflies and bears to throw on a flannel shirt and hurl sharp objects at a target. Toronto offers a number of new leagues and venues where you can sign up to play every week or book single night group events like a birthday or bachelor party. Played in warehouses and taught by experienced instructors, axe throwing is closer to home than ever and, thankfully, fully indoors. There are several places you can book in downtown Toronto, so any bachelor party can easily move on to the nightlife after a tournament.

Bachelor Party

Not every bachelor party needs to repeat The Hangover, and an unconventional, laid back time might be more up your groom’s alley. Guys are just as involved in wedding planning as ladies are these days and your friend’s head may be spinning with deadlines, caterers, DJs and invitations, so think twice about springing a surprise bash on him. His “last hurrah” may be no time for saucier entertainment, but that doesn’t mean you have to plan for a tame night.

If you’re planning for a diverse group of the groom’s friends, from college buddies to cousins and coworkers, an axe throwing party will be a great way to break the ice. Nothing builds quick camaraderie like a face-off round robin tournament, and everyone can get a jab in when you’re heckling the man of the hour. Everyone will be fast friends by the time you move to the bar and there won’t be any awkward silences when the sound of splintering bullseyes fills the room. Also, if you think it’s better to skip trying to make dinner plans for twelve, venues like Toronto’s Backyard Axe Throwing League (BATL) allow you to bring your own food and beer. No one will have to shout their congratulations down the table when everyone is free to mingle.

Your number one priority as the best man is to plan a memorable night. Plan something a little different that can get everyone involved at a convenient location in the city; BATL for example has several locations in Toronto, including the Port Lands, the west end and Yorkdale. You can also look into leagues in Calgary, Ottawa, Pickering, London and Kitchener-Waterloo. This sport has finally come down from the mountain so now even city-dwellers can sharpen their aim. Despite the hatchets, no one will be up in arms when you throw a bachelor party at BATL. Inject some awesome into your plans with a twist like axe throwing and go down in the annals of history’s best men.