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Apple Observe Evaluation

At the outset of the year, Apple attempted to fully open the gates and set the smartwatch in to the must-have sector, therefore actually generating substantial awareness in the direction of this new device.
While Pebble is about functionality and ease, the Apple Watch feels a lot more friendlier also it tries to engage people, not just be considered a passive gadget that you simply bear in mind it only when checking time or emails.

But made it happen actually manage this, is the Apple Watch worth buying? It depends. Smartwatches can be the way forward for smartphones and Apple Watch does have a lot of interesting features that do provide us with a glimpse in to the things that may come.

Apple Observe Evaluation

Now let us get a more in depth look at exactly what the Apple Watch provides!


The Apple Watch is undoubtedly a beautiful watch, featuring a very discreet and elegant look, with clean lines and a curved glass that unites using the curved metal. Yes, you will not find a single sharp edge.The situation is made of stainless (also rose gold or aluminium) and it’s instead thick, but because it curves back to the insides, it appears thinner of computer really is. Most smartwatches are plagued by this problem and unfortunately, at this time, we have to accept that the smartwatch technology hasn’t evolved as much as we wish yet.

Our Apple Watch included three straps, a Black Sport Band, the Milanese Loop and the Leather Loop. The sport band is extremely comfortable, but much like other plastic bands on other smartwatches and contains a unique clasp mechanism that you will get used to in not time.


The Apple Watch features a 1.5in (or 1.3in for that 38mm) OLED display with a quality of 312×390 pixels (or 272x340p) along with a pixel density of 326ppi (similar to the iPhone 6). The Retina exhibit differs from the one available on iPhones because Apple has decided on a flexible OLED from LG rather than the usual LCD technology.

The display is covered with a toughened Ion-X glass (for Apple Watch Sport) or perhaps a sapphire glass, both designed to protect it from punctures from scratches or minor bumps into furniture.

The O LED screen is shiny and vibrant, with high colour accuracy and overall it’s one of the most vibrant displays we’ve seen from the smartwatch, but nonetheless it’s not as sharp as the one from Samsung Gear S (that also includes a much larger colour palette).

But let’s focus a bit on the Force Touch technology (something totally new in the smartwatch world) which senses the level of force, distinguishing between light or hard pressesce because of its tiny electrodes around the display.It is an interesting addition that contributes some more options and functionality to some apps without adding more control keys or overcomplicating things.

Hardware and Battery Life

The Apple Watch packs a 500MHz Apple S1 processor chip, a PowerVR SGX543 GPU, 512MB RAM and 8GB of storage (when linked to an apple iphone, you can fully access its storage memory).The timepiece can also be designed with a heart rate sensor, that utilizes both infrared and visual light LEDs together with photodiodes to determine you heartbeat; gleam gyrometer, an accelerometer and unfortunately no built-in GPS.


The software that works on the Apple Watch is known as the WatchOS 2.0 (an updated version up to the more laggier first generation) as well as in to be fully operational, the Apple Watch demands an apple iphone 5 or perhaps a later version.

The watch is not created for prolonged use, it provides a better experience if utilized in shorter amounts of time, especially because some apps are a bit slow and not many complex apps are developed (using Facebook or other Google app on the small screen from the Apple Watch may prove undesirable over time).

Now, let’s discuss the interface. In the event you swipe away, you get the watch face with notifications and Glances and if you press a digital Crown you receive access to the apps. There’s without a doubt a learning curve, but after a couple of days of using the watch you get accustomed to the way .