A Brief Intoduction To Products From Sitelock That Can Help You Protect Your Site

It takes years, experience, planning, and hard work to launch a new website. People invest their money, creativity and time to make their precious site stand out distinctively. But not everyone takes enough preventive measure to protect their precious site. Nowadays, hackers are playing different tricks to attack the novice website owners and creating a mess on their site. It not only affects the site’s reputation but can be detrimental to its viewers. Consequently, your business may get a halt due to such unwanted disturbance.

Being a website owner, you need to have some basic idea about Malware and its effects. Else, it will be difficult for you to understand its perilous impact on your site.

Brief Intoduction To Products From Sitelock

What is Malware?

It is a kind of malicious software which is designed to get access to your personal information and it can damage your site without any intimation. There are several types of Malware from which you need to secure your site. Spyware, true viruses, keyloggers and any kind of malevolent code can stop the regular functioning of your site. Malware creation is on the rise nowadays by the hackers. They create it to earn profit through forced ads, steal personal and sensitive data, spread spam mail, and extort money to name a few.

It’s undoubtedly difficult to deal with Malware infected site without prior experience and knowledge. That’s why more and more people rely on reputed website security solutions like SiteLock. They have a variety of products and skilled personnels to assist you to get rid of Malware attack. If you install their products you can rest assured about the security and also can avoid getting trapped by the hackers in the near future. SiteLock Scam products are also available in the market to get a hold of your sensitive data. Let’s take a quick look at their genuine products which can help you gain your peace of mind.

  • SiteLock SMART: When it comes to website security people trust SiteLock as it offers complete cloud-based protection. The technically advanced SiteLock SMART provides the ultimate security by detecting and removing Malware from the site.

  • SiteLock INFINITY: It offers optimal protection as it scans your site repeatedly to identify the root of the Malware and ensures instant remediation.

  • SiteLock Secure VIP package: Hackers’ first choice is DDoS attack that can spoil the fruit of your hard work. If you sign up for the VIP package you can get the highest protection from the most critical form of DDoS attack.

  • TrueShield Web Application Firewall: It protects the site from harmful traffic by blocking the malign content. Their technically updated product also blocks access to the backdoor files.

There are ample of products that claim to offer the highest security for your websites but beware from SiteLock Scam products. A false product will pave the way for further complication which is definitely not desirable for a business owner like you. So make sure that you choose the products from the reliable experts in the field.