6 Reasons Why People Are Addicted To Ireland


They say that travelling broadens the mind. That also depends where you’re travelling to. So, if you find that you’re visiting the same places every other year during your vacations, you might not be achieving much in opening your mind to new cultures, sights and sounds. But, be warned, set yourself on the right path, and visiting the right kind of town, travelling could become quite addictive.

Getting in touch with your roots

One such addictive travelling preoccupation will be taking Ireland tours, particularly if you share a rich cultural heritage with the motherland. You’ll never truly know, just how deep your affiliation to your Irish roots are until one day, hopefully soon, you visit the Emerald Isles.

People Are Addicted To Ireland

1.Dublin’s Grafton Street

No Irish stopover can commence without visiting the nation’s capital. So, to Dublin you must surely go. And while you’re about it, being the addictive shopper that you are, you might as well open your purse in Dublin’s famous and popular Grafton Street.

2.Dublin’s The Little Museum

And no site-seeing tour of a major European Union city can commence without visiting any one of its many famous museum landmarks. So, take a cultural detour and head off to Dublin’s The Little Museum. It’s no ancient landmark, mind you, and refreshingly deals with the city’s recent history.

3.Dublin’s The Green

As you well know, Ireland is synonymous with the color green. As a symbolic cultural gesture, you can make your rounds of Dublin’s peaceful St. Stephen’s Green, otherwise known as The Green by locals. These botanical gardens are steeped in history, so be prepared to do a little reading about the events that have taken place in and around these gardens in order to enhance your cultural experience.

4.Kinsale’s festivals

True to form and in tune with your heritage, you still need to have a good time while on holiday. Leave the capital and head off to Kinsale, located in West Cork. Eat you must, so have your pick of dozens of restaurants. Also check the calendar to take advantage of the city’s annual Gourmet Festival.

5.Cork’s English Market

Speaking of which, you cannot afford to leave Ireland empty handed. So go to Cork City’s English Market and pick a few mementos to remind you of your physical experience of exploring your roots.

6.Galway’s Shop Street and Castles

Galway has iconic shopping meccas too. So to Shop Street you must go. And if there is one thing that Ireland will forevermore be famous for, it is their castles. So, while still in Galway, you can view Lynch’s Castle and then take in the famous ancient Claddagh rings.

So, now you know, getting in touch with your roots, quite literally, does not mean that you only need to visit an ancient castle, of which there are aplenty in Ireland. You have the choice and variety of exploring familiar territories which could just as well remind you of old stomping grounds back home.